About the book

This project did not begin as a book, rather a letter of sorts, to my daughters and grandchild. I wanted my grandchildren to know who I was, how I was raised. I wanted them to know the heroes that I knew, served with and loved during my time in the war. I wanted them to remember the names of my friends that were lost during that hard time.

I was working on the letter about the time that I heard about the reunions of my unit. After my first reunion is when I knew I had to tell the stories of the men I knew when they were their best.

I knew only a handful of the 2.8 million men and women that served in the Vietnam War. If this book has any importance at all, it is to tell of the bravery and commitment of those men I knew. It is to tell how, just being with them, they made me a better person and how each of their individual strengths made me a stronger man.